My home away from home

Pak Stephanus can hardly believe it. But it is so. After nearly 30 years, I stay at his hotel Sindah in Ruteng again.

The then brand-new rooms have degenerated into rundown holes. On the other hand are the rooms in the new building with a fantastic view a dream.

From the sleepy nest, a vibrant town has grown. Unfortunately, the direct flight from Denpasar to Ruteng is already suspended again. So I fly in just slightly over an hour from Bali to Labuanbajo.

From the coastal town in the far west of the island I drive over the excellently developed Trans-Flores road in unbelievable four hours to Ruteng. Thirty years ago I needed twice as much for this stretch of about 120 kilometers!

The "Hello Mister!" shouts have fallen silent.

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